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Where I got the questions from↗

1. What inspired the idea for your novel, and how long have you had the idea?  The Inspiration for this writing project was a bad German animated children's movie called "The Seventh Dwarf" which pretended at lot to subvert clichés of Disney's fairytale retelling while actually dipping headfirst into a lot of clichés and also bad screenwriting (The animation was O.K. because it's a German movie and not a multimillion Disney/Pixar or Dreamworks movie). Anyway, I was intrigued by how the whole story was completely bland. I mean this serious. There was a level of blandness, that modern Disney movies have been overcoming in the past decades and this movie actually kind of reinforced them. There was a heterosexual main couple featuring, both blond called fucking Jack and Rose, whereby Jack is the poor kitchen boy who gets the princess Rose. There were the dwarfs. Everyone of them is voiced by a different German comedian, yet it makes …

What's the point to spoiler-free reviews anyway?

In which I "spoil" a lot about Star Wars and other stuff So, I see this practically everywhere.  Either it's "I promise you, I'll mostly keep my reviews spoiler-free" or "Spoiler-Alert! The following section might contain spoilers so close your eyes if you haven't seen or read it". Spoilers are deemed to be very, very bad, almost evil. It just get's a little bit annoying, how much spoilers are feared and how they're avoided in an almost paranoid way nowadays. They're marked white or transparent, so only the people interested will see them. Some reviewers paraphrase practically everything in their posts, just to avoid spoilers, making it confusing and hard to understand, what they are actually talking about. Because they don't want to name the things that troubled them.

And yes, I totally understand this. Last year in December, when Episod VII came out, I had this decent, comical moment, when a friend of mine sat at lunch deepl…