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A general spoiler alert for all ye sweet little mollycoddles

No, I don't think you really are a wimp, just because you don't want to read spoilers, because that's a personal decision and I'm not fussing in your stuff. But I personally think, that you miss out a lot of interesting things, if you avoid being spoiled. At least I think, some things are worth discussing and that if I'm really writing reviews personally for myself, it's much more fun to write about those things, that have some quirks to them, and those things are often, though not always, crucial spoilers to the story. What for it anyway, I don't even want to try self-censoring all my thoughts on spoilers that my mind is exploding on when I'm thinking about books I've read. So, on this blog, I don't give a fuck about not spoiling anybody on anything, I just write everything coming to my mind about any story. So either accept spoilers or skip reviews about things you haven't read or seen yet, if you have a problem with it. And while it's YOUR personal decision to not read spoilers, it's mine to write about them. You're warned.

Some Spoilers about me -things you didn't want to know

People say it's a typically German behaviour trying to be downright honest. Well, in comparison to my mother, who is Chinese and always worried about losing her face or our family's reputation -what reputation?! -I personally think, that there is something true about Germans being honest and trying to be honest about things more often but they true and honest answer every earnest German would give on that answer is, that it might be a myth and that in truth, Germans do tell a lot of lies all day long. So, to be honest, I try to be honest all the time, but I also love to stage myself just as any human does as soon as one enters elementary school. So, the honest thing is, I tried to make and honest picture of myself for you. So I made a couple of selfies in front of my messy desk and bookshelf arrangement, late at night, after eleven o'clock when I should have gone to bed before. And I was there in my lazy clothes, yet trying to look best as possible:

It's actually too late to look really good at such a late time. Well, I'm trying. And I played around with the functions of my smartphones selfie application. It's hard to be anything else than myself so late at night.

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