A general spoiler alert for all ye sweet little mollycoddles: If you read this blog, there will be spoilers to books and movies and this is your only warning!

No, I don't think you really are a wimp, just because you don't want to read spoilers. I just chose it because calling you sweet little mollycoddles sounds sweet and cute and dramatic and busts my faltering Ego.

No really, you are a sweet little mollycoddle and I will cover you in white chocolate raspberry tartes or nougat kipferl or cheese spätzle or whatever treats I personally like a lot until you cough on it (who said you needed to like it?)

Not reading spoilers is a personal decision. I understand, that many people want to enjoy discovering the book completely new, instead of just reading all the things they have already read about in some review, especially if some badly written rant of a random blogger (me!) ruined it for you.

There are two kinds of reviews, the one that mostly gives a general impression of the book, what kind of book it is and general cues about how it is written and the way characters interact, without spoiling to much. The reviewers even pay attention to how they write their reviews so to make sure that there are really no spoilers, because the intent of the review is primarily to give a recommendation and secondarily to discuss it.

However, I personally am not that kind of reviewer, if I write a book review at all. I can be quite ranty, careless and stupid (in the latter two cases: remind me to be a better person). Also, I personally see reviews more of a way of discussing a book, after you have read it already, in a way where you don't just circumscribe what you mean with a lot of buzzwords. Because, I don't really know how to recommend in any way. Instead for me it's importan to give examples of events in the book to clearly make the point. And those examples of events in a book or movie can be spoilers. Also I'm just bad and lazy at editing my own text to mark spoilers and stuff. So, let this be your warning: HERE BE SPOILERS. Feel free to read my blog!

Spoilers about the author of this Blog

The author of this blog is an eighteen year-old German girl who just graduated from school and has now been in China since August/September 2017 to study Chinese, because it's kind of the "mother tongue" that she didn't speak until I came here. She's still pretty bad at it. Her "father language" is German.

She kind of likes books and reading a lot and has that absurd idea of becoming an author in the back of her mind (#amtryingtowrite!). Her work until now mostly consists of unfinished stories. One of the few stories she did finish however made a be a winning participant of a writing contest, which led her to a seminar with cool other teens who also write.

In being a righteous idealist, she believes very strongly in being truthful and honest at all times to the point that I admit I am a flawed human being who has lied in her life.

She's been tested a ravenclaw on pottermore.com, which is very convenient, because they say ravenclaws prefer being honest and also she likes the color blue a lot and she also likes to pretend that she is very smart (hint: she isn't, proven by the fact that she wastes useless amounts of time to write a description of herself in third person).


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