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What's the point to spoiler-free reviews anyway?

In which I "spoil" a lot about Star Wars and other stuff So, I see this practically everywhere.  Either it's "I promise you, I'll mostly keep my reviews spoiler-free" or "Spoiler-Alert! The following section might contain spoilers so close your eyes if you haven't seen or read it". Spoilers are deemed to be very, very bad, almost evil. It just get's a little bit annoying, how much spoilers are feared and how they're avoided in an almost paranoid way nowadays. They're marked white or transparent, so only the people interested will see them. Some reviewers paraphrase practically everything in their posts, just to avoid spoilers, making it confusing and hard to understand, what they are actually talking about. Because they don't want to name the things that troubled them.

And yes, I totally understand this. Last year in December, when Episod VII came out, I had this decent, comical moment, when a friend of mine sat at lunch deepl…